Antari has been praising oneself as one of the leading manufacturers specializing in fog machine at all time by constantly pursuing the perfect fog since 1984. The very dedication to quality control and hard driving work ethic formed the foundation of Antari, a foundation which still stands strong. We position ourself as a world class industry leader, listens to the global market needs, and combines its many years of experience with its active research and development program to enable the steady introduction of innovative products.

Continually developing new products to meet customers' expectations has been a long tradition at Antari, as well as the emphasis on developing products that meet important environmental concerns and energy saving criteria. Antari takes seriously of their corporate social responsibility and strive to incorporate innovations that "add green" as well as commercial value to every Antari product. Continuous innovation as well as taking green concepts into consideration are strong beliefs adhered to the entire Antari team.

Fog Machines are for a wide variety of uses in the entertainment and effects markets. These include theater, film, TV, DJ, club and disco and concert applications. Antari product range is no longer limited to fog machines, although they remain the driving force. Our products have been applied widely such as residential / commercial security, pest control, industrial humidity control, horticultural uses, hospital sterilization, and leak detection. Antari, an innovative leader in entertainment special effects, exceeding customer expectations since 1984.

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